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TraMOOC Meeting, Dublin, Ireland, May 10th – 11th, 2016

On the  10th and 11th of May 2016 the TraMOOC Consortium conducted successfully the M15 meeting in Dublin, Ireland where the progress performed during the first 15 months of the project was presented to the consortium. The aim of the M15 project meeting was to review the progress of each WP and the activities planned up to the Review Meeting in September 2016.

The highlights of this period include:

  • The definition of the quality risk and management mechanisms
  • The definition of the project-level management mechanisms of the language resources and tools
  • The creation of the TraMOOC Intranet and public project website
  • The development of the Data Management Plan of the project
  • The creation of the project Initial Communication Plan
  • The development of the translation prototype version 1
  • The creation of the Initial Dissemination and Exploitation Plan for the project results
  • The development of the Initial TraMOOC Business Plan
  • The creation of the initial prototype of the automated translation functionality on iversity, connecting the iversity platform and its content with the TraMOOC translation engine
  • The creation of the Machine Translation Version 1 (baseline phrase-based machine translation systems) which translates from English into German, Italian, European Portuguese and Greek
  • The analysis and definition of the user requirements 

In a nutshell, important technical work has been performed during this period and all WPs have achieved most of this period’s objectives. More information about the project's progress and latest results is available on the project's progress timeline.