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TraMOOC Platform

What if you could attend the MOOC of your preference without language limitation?

 TraMOOC is the ideal solution for Massive Open Online Courses content translation tackling the impediment of language barriers in online education. 
TraMOOC in 3-Minutes

The TraMOOC team of experts developed  high-quality machine translation (MT) of text genres included in MOOCs such as assignments, tests, presentations, lecture subtitles and forum discussions from English into eleven European and BRIC languages (DE, IT, PT, EL, NL, CS, BG, HR, PL, RU, ZH). These target languages constitute strong use cases as they are hard to translate into and lack MT support.

The platform developed during the course of the TraMOOC project uses cutting-edge neural translation architecture and innovative domain adaptation techniques to deliver high quality machine translation adapted to the MOOC domain. A variety of file formats is supported, including HTML, subtitles and Microsoft Office documents with both synchronous and asynchronous translation modes. The core of the service is open-source with some commercialised premium add-on services.

For experiencing the TraMOOC machine translation service, please visit: http://www.translexy.com/

How TraMOOC works


  Key features​

  • Online, automatic translation of video subtitles, course materials and forum discussions, accessible 24/7.
  • Innovative neural translation architecture guaranteeing gains in the translation output in terms of fluency and containing fewer morphological errors.
  • Advanced domain adaptation techniques providing a robust machine translation adapted to the MOOC domain.
  • Quality assurance relying on a novel multimodal evaluation schema that involved implicit and explicit translation evaluation

  A variety of file types

TraMOOC handles the translation of a wide range of file formats. It is also able to transform the translated material in the same file format as it was inserted into the system. In particular, the following file formats are supported:

  Supported language pairs

The TraMOOC target language pairs include languages that are fragmentarily or weakly supported by existing MT solutions.

  TraMOOC in action

The TraMOOC platform was integrated, operated and successfully field tested into the OpenHPI MOOC platform and the VideoLectures.NET digital video lecture library. The first course that was translated by the TraMOOC platform is under the title “In-Memory Data Management 2017”. The original English subtitles of the video lecture are automatically translated into all eleven TraMOOC languages and participants of the MOOC are able to select their preferred subtitle language through a simple drop-down menu.

For accessing the course and experiencing the TraMOOC platform in action, please visit: https://open.hpi.de/courses/imdb2017