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Deluxe Media Europe Ltd (DME)

Organisation Profile

Deluxe Media Europe Ltd (www.deluxemediaeurope.com) is one of the largest content management companies offering film and video asset management services to the media and entertainment industry. We are part of the Deluxe group which celebrates its centenary year in 2015, and is the leading worldwide provider of services to the entertainment industry through its Creative Services, Media Services, Digital Cinema and New Media Technologies divisions, and a strategic partner to all major Hollywood Studios. Aside from other services the company offers, such as media production and management, creative and advertisement, Deluxe Media’s localisation department provides translation of video content into 60+ languages for studios, broadcasters and VOD platforms. We create scripts, subtitles, captions and foreign language audio, as well as text localization (menus, games, main and end credits), all centrally managed through an online Deluxe-owned and developed platform. With 400+ in-house localisation staff and 3,500+ freelance linguists located around the globe, Deluxe Media boasts an unprecedented talented pool of individuals specialising in localisation solutions for the audiovisual market.

Role in the project

Deluxe Media Europe Ltd participates in the project through its localisation department. The extensive experience and expertise of the company staff in translation and, more specifically, in subtitling, is crucial in ensuring the usability of the project results, by participating in tasks such as data collection, enrichment/adaptation of parallel corpora, explicit and implicit translation evaluation by translation experts, and dissemination of the project results in the subtitling community. DME has also participated in transLectures FP7 ICT Project (STREP, FP7-ICT-2011-7 - Language Technologies) and SUMAT (ICT Policy Support programme 2011-2014, grant agreement 270919), and its experience therein will prove invaluable for providing machine translation solutions for video lecture subtitles through expert evaluation of the translated material, as well as for the adoption of these emerging technologies through its close relationships with academic institutions that offer courses on subtitling and post-editing skills.

Contact Details

Ground Floor
Film House
142 Wardour Street
London W1F 8DD

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