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Dublin City University (DCU)

Organisation Profile

ADAPT (http://adaptcentre.ie/), the global centre of excellence for digital content innovation, is a major multi-disciplinary academia-industry research centre funded by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and based at Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Dublin City University (DCU), University College Dublin (UCD) and Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). ADAPT is a collaborative academia-industry research centre dedicated to delivering disruptive innovations in digital intelligent content, and to revolutionizing the global content value chain for enterprises, communities and individuals. ADAPT is funded by Science Foundation Ireland and ADAPT’s 19 industry partners. ADAPT brings together more than 120 researchers from the previously successful CNGL (http://www.cngl.ie/) project and affiliated centres, which collectively have won more than €100m in funding and have a strong track record of bridging research and innovations to more than 140 companies. With €50m in new research funding from SFI and industry, ADAPT research and technologies will help businesses in all sectors to manage, personalise and deliver digital content more effectively.

We live in a world of global digital connectivity where individuals, communities and businesses are communicating globally at incredible speed, in enormous volumes, across the world’s languages and over an ever-increasing range of devices. ADAPT’s vision is to leverage this torrent of digital content to enable unprecedented levels of global engagement among people, companies and communities.

The DCU Machine Translation (MT) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) group leads two of six key research themes in ADAPT: Understanding Digital Content (led by Professor Qun Liu), and Transforming Digital Content (led by Professor Andy Way, who also acts as the Deputy Director of ADAPT at DCU). The DCU group are world leaders in MT, Parsing and Sentiment Analysis.

Role in the project

DCU are WP Leaders for WP5 Explicit Translation Evaluation. DCU also has a significant role in WP3 (Data Gathering/Infrastructure), and also participates in WP2 (Architecture), WP8 (Exploitation and Commercialisation) and WP9 (Dissemination).

Contact Details

Dublin 9