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Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (UBER)

Organisation Profile

The Department of English Studies of Humboldt University Berlin (coordinator) specializes in theoretical, as well as computational linguistics and language technology, with focus in semantics-oriented deep linguistic processing, parsing with Multiword Expressions and Collocations, Machine Translation, computational semantics, discourse analysis, and deep dynamic treebanking. The department participates in EU FP7, as well as nationally funded projects, whose research foci range from purely theoretical linguistic ones to LT real-life applications like Machine Translation.

Role in the project

UBER has been appointed the role of the Project coordinator, a role which entails the general management of the project resources, the monitoring of the overall project performance and timelines, the obligation to report to the Commission, and the promotion of the project visibility. Furthermore, as coordinator, UBER is the main contact hub for all formal communication between the project and the Commission as well as any other external stakeholders.

In addition to its role as the Project Coordinator, UBER is also the Work Package 3 (Data collection and MT infrastructure adaptation and bootstrapping) Leader and coordinator.

Contact details

Project Coordinator:

Prof. Evangelia Kordoni

Unter Den Linden 6
Berlin 10099

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