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Iversity GMBH (iversity.org)

Organisation Profile

iversity.org is a European platform for online learning that enables our academic partners to share a broad range of courses with students from around the globe, providing them with the opportunity to earn recognised credentials, no matter where they are. This new dimension of learning is what we describe with the phrase: “study anywhere”.

We work in close cooperation with instructors, higher education institutions and knowledge-based companies to provide high-quality courses that are engaging, interactive and fun.

These online courses (so-called MOOCs) offer unprecedented opportunities for students and professors alike. They enable professors to experiment with innovative teaching formats and provide students and independent learners with a customised higher education experience: a digital Erasmus for everyone.

Our aim is not to replace universities, but to empower academics. Being based in Europe, we are specialised in working within the existing legal and administrative infrastructure and specifically the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). Some of our partner institutions already award ECTS credits to online learners taking their courses on our platform.

In summary: iversity makes higher education more accessible, more affordable and more personalised.

Role in the project

iversity’s role in the project is to provide MOOC data for the translations, implement the solutions on its platform for translating the MOOCs, and allow for thousands of users to take courses in their native language. We will also work closely with future instructors to optimise their MOOCs towards the TraMOOC translation solutions, so as to allow for the best possible dissemination.

In addition, the iversity user base can be used for crowd-sourcing solutions, as it was shown in previous courses that students are eager to become active in the area of translations.

Contact Details

Contact person:

Majd Al-Shibabi

Sonnenburger Str. 73
10437 Berlin

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