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Knowledge 4 All Foundation LBG (K4A)

Organisation Profile

The mission of the Knowledge 4 All Foundation is the advancement of technology enabled learning through the world-wide sharing and providing equal access to academic and educational video resources. The aim of the Foundation is to promote open access to academic resources (such as video lectures, learning objects, paper, reports, books, and scientific data), together with tools to give users access to these materials matched to their needs. Furthermore, the Foundation aims to help overcome the barriers of limited discoverability and accessibility, as well as enable interaction between users and providers, and among users with common interests.

The Foundation is a forum where creators, technology developers, managers and users of such materials and tools can meet to actively promote the free availability and distribution of such content and tools through

  • promotion of the use of open access in new and innovative ways that enhance the distribution, accessibility and availability of academic knowledge;
  • promotion of widespread adoption of open access for academic material through highlighting its value to both producers and consumers;
  • promotion of open standards for presentation and accessing of academic materials;
  • supporting the development of open source enabling technologies for recording, production, accessing, presentation, and/or storage of academic materials;
  • providing a repository of resources together with guidance for their use to assist in the recording, production, accessing, presentation and storage of academic materials;
  • fostering of academic debate and interaction between users and providers and among users with common interests ranging from discipline specific questions to ethical issues arising as a result of scientific;
  • promotion of equal access to academic material independent of race, nationality, gender and disability.

Through its activities the foundation will promote the spread of knowledge and vivid academic debate to anyone with access to the internet anywhere in the world. It will therefore benefit all those interested in such academic content, where they do not currently have immediate access to such material. It will also help to develop more widespread interest in such material and such debate.

Role in the project

Knowledge 4 All Foundation formed as a successor to the PASCAL2 Network of Excellence, website: http://www.pascal-network.org/, an FP7 research project and the main supporter of VideoLectures.Net. Among the over 60 members of the Foundation are some of the most important research and development centres in the field of artificial intelligence in Europe. The foundation is involved in the transLectures FP7 ICT Project - STREP, FP7-ICT-2011-7 - Language technologies - website: http://translectures.eu/ and is the originator of the OpeningupSlovenia initiative - website: http://www.k4all.org/openingupslovenia/ , a bottom up created and top-down supported new and innovative initiative in which Slovenia as a first European member state will attempt to create a unique nationwide research environment in open education. This test-bed comprises of a coalition of all Slovenian universities, compulsory and vocational education institutions with technical, research and industry partners. The objective is to explore means for a fully-fledged open educational system in synergy and parallel with the formal one, develop innovative projects and apply for European Commission funds related to ICT and new aspects of open education. The Foundation also has administrative ownership over http://videolectures.net/ a United Nations and UNESCO award winning free and open access educational video lectures repository and website. K4A provides expertise in Matterhorn system integration and the worldwide network of organisations that also includes Opencast and OCWC community with more than 600 Universities across the world and more than 100 business organisations related to online video lectures.

The Foundation intends to raise interest and attract attention in relevant industrial or professional circles through the K4A community, OpeningupSlovenia initiative, Opencast community and Matterhorn, OCWC community, Sakai foundation, industrial partners in these communities, VideoLectures.NET portal, edX, Iversity and all other MOOC providers. Markets which could possibly be addressed are: world scale, HigherEd, media, libraries, publishers, and main video publishers. The typical type of organisation envisaged as a user is HigherEd and media. The typical profile of the end user is: educated user, worldwide, academic degree, students, scholars and educators. On the other hand, the translation/media industry would be interested in the tools if the results are good enough to create efficiencies and time/cost savings in translation projects.

Contact Details

High Street
3644 Surrey House
Redhill RH1 1RH