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Stichting Katholieke Universiteit (Radboud University)

Organisation Profile

Strategically located in Europe, Radboud University is a leading academic community in the Netherlands. The university aims at combining top-flight education with ground breaking research in a wide range of disciplines. On campus is the Donders Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience, as well as one of the few institutes of the German Max Planck Gesellschaft not located in Germany.

The Radboud University’s language and communication research has been integrated into the Centre for Language Studies (CLS), headed by Professor Paula Fikkert. The Centre for Language Studies (CLS) is a research institute of the Faculty of Arts at the Radboud University Nijmegen. CLS is the home for a group of highly talented and successful researchers who share one mission: to gain a deeper understanding of the architecture of the language system and its interactions with processes at the individual and the social-cultural level. CLS researchers study the cognitive processes operative in the production, comprehension and acquisition of language, the historical and social factors determining language variation and change, and the communicative effects of language.

One of the fifteen research units within CLS is the Language and Speech Technology PI group, led by Prof. Antal van den Bosch. The group studies and develops computational methods for the comprehension and generation of text and speech. We evaluate these methods intrinsically, and test their utility in real-world applications (such as text mining of social media). The group works with ‘big data' and methods that learn computational models from data, while at the same time the proper development of information systems demands a hybridization of data driven learning and ‘rich priors' from the domain or context.

Role in the project

RU is responsible for the topic identification and the sentiment analysis tasks in the project, based on its expertise in social media mining, machine learning, and natural language processing. The relatively young group (founded in 2011) has experience participating (contributing text mining and social media mining) in mostly national Dutch research programs, such as the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research’ CATCH program (Continuous Access to Cultural Heritage), and COMMIT, the current major Dutch program in ICT with approximately 200 Ph.D. students. Group leader Antal van den Bosch worked with partner DCU as an international collaborator in the Irish national CNGL program, which resulted in the external supervision of a Ph.D. thesis (Rejwanul Haque, 2011) and several publications.

Contact Details

Contact person:

Prof. Antal Van Den Bosch

Geert Grooteplein Noord 9
Nijmegen 6525 EZ

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