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Tradução para Cursos Online Abertos e Massivos

TraMOOC (Tradução para Cursos Online Abertos e Massivos) é um projeto colaborativo Horizon 2020 com o objetivo de oferecer tradução automática e confiável para Cursos Online Abertos e Massivos (MOOCs). O principal resultado do projeto será uma plataforma de tradução on-line, que vai utilizar diversas ferramentas e recursos de infra-estrutura linguística para oferecer tradução precisa e coerente para os usuários finais.

TraMOOC aims at tearing down language barriers, thus providing previously excluded groups of people with new educational chances.

The project focuses on the quality of the generated translation in the targeted languages that constitute strong use cases and are fragmentarily or weakly supported by existing MT solutions.

The TraMOOC project aims at developing an innovative, high-quality machine translation (MT) service for producing accurate translations of multi-genre and heterogeneous textual course material – varying from video lectures, assignments, tutorial text to social web text posted on MOOC blogs and fora.

TraMOOC Mock-Up Video

The main expected outcome of the project is a high quality machine translation service for all types of educational textual data available on a MOOC platform.

The service will support 11 target languages, 9 European (German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Bulgarian, Greek, Polish, Czech, Croatian) and 2 BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China).

TraMOOC toolkit

TraMOOC makes it possible for researchers to test the advanced tools and solutions that were created within the course of the project, with appropriate license models, as well as software packages for the development of state-of-the-art systems for language translation of educational texts.

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What we did

The TraMOOC team of experts comprises nine highly competent partners forming a consortium of leading researchers, highly relevant industrial organizations and leading user partners. The consortium as a whole established close cooperation and each partner performed significant work that contributed to the development of the TraMOOC translation platform.

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Τhe TraMOOC Platform

The TraMOOC Platform is an online machine translation service that provides accurate and coherent translation of multi-genre and heterogeneous textual course material included in MOOCs from English into eleven European and BRIC languages (BG, CS, DE, EL, HR, IT, NL, PL , PT, RU, ZH). For accessing our service you may visit here.

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