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Project Activities

The TRAMOOC activities are divided into 9 Work Packages (WPs) covering RTD, Management and Dissemination and Exploitation. More specifically, in WP1 are included all the project management activities, through which the necessary organizational substrate for the successful accomplishment of the project as a whole will be provided. The role of WP2 is to gather the essential use cases and record the requirements from the intended users and the MOOC partner. WP3 is focused on collecting, cleaning and standardizing all data, exploring the available linguistic infrastructure for all targeted languages and on providing input for the machine translation process, i.e. WP4.

The aim of WP5 is to perform and report detailed human and automatic evaluation of the first and the second stage translation output. Service evaluation by end users (MOOC users) (WP6) and domain experts (scientists and professors from several countries related to the project’s targeted languages) will help reconfigure the system and lead to the final system prototype. The result of the evaluation analysis will be used to re-train the translation engines and produce translation with the desired quality, so it can be integrated into the web-based end-user service (WP7), i.e. the second system prototype.

To underline the innovation elements of the project, stress the marketing and promoting process of the project results and facilitate the application of innovative impact maximization strategies, dissemination/diffusion and viability/commercialization activities have been split into two distinct WPs, WP8 and WP9.