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TraMOOC at Languages and the Media 2016

TraMOOC will be present at the 11th International Conference on Language Transfer in Audiovisual Media to be held between November 2–4, 2016 at Berlin, Germany. Yota Georgakopoulou (DME) and Vilelmini Sosoni (IURC) will be speaking on Crowdsourcing for the Creation of Parallel Translation Corpora: The Case of TraMOOC. As part of the crowdsourcing activities planned in the project, a crowd of internal and external workers –both experts and amateurs– are used for the completion of microtasks which consist of the translation of educational data for the training of the SMT system, i.e. the production of parallel translation data. The workers are asked to perform such tasks on the Crowdflower platform and are enlisted for the job after an initial assessment of their translation and language abilities. In an attempt to shed some light into the potential impact of microtasking on the translation process and the ensuing quality of the translated text, a qualitative and a quantitative analysis of a sample of the translation data created in the project are performed. In addition, questionnaires are used to further investigate the translators’ experience and their performance. The present study reports on these findings and attempts to reach initial conclusions. 

In the frame of this dissemination activity Mrs. Georgakopoulou (DME) gave also an interesting interview in the  "languagesmedia Newsletter"  highlighting the significant results achieved so far within the frame of the project as well as the expected impacts. The interview is available online here.