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TraMOOC at the EACL 2017

TraMOOC was present at the 15th Conference of the European Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL 2017), which took place in April 2017 at Valencia, Spain presenting the paper titled "Nematus: a Toolkit for Neural Machine Translation" (UEDIN).
This work presents  Nematus,  a  toolkit  for  Neural Machine Translation.  The toolkit prioritizes high translation accuracy,  usability,  and  extensibility.   Nematus  has  been used to build top-performing submissions to  shared  translation  tasks  at  WMT  and IWSLT, and has been used to train systems for production environments. For more information, please follow this link.

Also, within the frame of EACL 2017,  a TraMOOC related presentation titled "TraMOOC: Translation for Massive Open Online Courses" was made (DCU) focusing on the latest progress achievements of the project.