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EASN-Technology Innovation Services BVBA (EASN-TIS)

Organisation Profile

EASN-Technology Innovation Services (EASN-TIS) is an SME strongly involved in several European Union’s Framework Programme projects. The main services offered by EASN-TIS involve setting up, executing and monitoring the projects’ dissemination, communication and networking activities ensuring the wide and effective spread of their achievements to the relevant target audiences, while at the same time safeguarding the IP rights of the consortium. Other services offered by EASN-TIS include project management, consortium creation, proposal preparation and development of specialized studies related to the formulation of EU policies.

Role in the project

The role of EASN-TIS in the project involves supporting the project’s dissemination and exploitation activities acting as a dissemination multiplier, spreading project related information as well as simultaneously identifying further users for the project foreground. The dissemination and exploitation services provided by EASN TIS ensure the diffusion of the knowledge incubated within the project to a wide audience from all sectors such as industry, SMEs, the Academia and research establishments, but also to the wider public throughout Europe.

Contact Details

Central Office
Terweidenstraat 28
B-3440 Budingen 

Satellite Office
Patras Science Park
Stadiou Str., Platani
26504, Patras 

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